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SELF RECHARGING SYSTEMS, Electric Vehicles, Aircrraft, Boats and Power Generation Plants

         Seattle to Miami Non Stop $400 AvFuel Cost in Electric Aircraft  
Volta Voltare Prototype

                             You're Now "FREE" to Drive or Fly the Country In Electric

Seattle to Miami -- Drive an Electric Vehicle Non Stop
Only stopping to fuel a 5 gallon tank every 900 miles, 4 stops at $4.00 per Gallon is $80.00.
This Electric Kar Averages 180 mpg!!

You never ... " Plug In" ... to Recharge the Batteries it Charges Itself as You Drive.
Range Anxiety Has Been Eliminated
Drive The USA in an EVA
Worlds  First "Wireless" Electric Vehicles

Zerokar Cobra Venom

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Recycle For Our Environment, Our Nation and Earth

The BARP System - Self Charging

ZeroKar offers self-charging vehicles that use the patented BARP (Battery Alternating Recharging Process).  To learn more about how the Battery Alternating Recharging Process, visit the third page of our site. The evolution of the electric vehicle is finally here...it can go anywhere at anytime without having to be plugged in to recharge its batteries it is " Wireless."

BARP System uses gasoline and electricty, the "Best of Both Worlds". The lowest Carbon footprint in the world using gasoline to recharge and driving the vehcile using electricity!

There are 3 Provisional Patents filed and 14 Utility Patents filed beginning 1/2006 and documentation reaching back to 1993.

Electric Vehicles & Aircraft For America

It is our goal to make our electric vehicles available to drivers nationwide. So, we're opening up dealerships and providing training to people interested in starting a career in this exciting new field.


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About Us

ZeroKar is a company based in Salem, Oregon, that sells electric cars that use the patented BARP system. Our vehicles do not have to be plugged in to obtain power, but recharge themselves as you drive them around.


Revolutionizing Driving

ZeroKar's vehicles are changing the industry by offering extended life, gas mileage, drive time, and distance for electric vehicles. The BARP system allows for up to 180 miles per gallon and will soon be the standard across the nation and around the globe.



In addition to selling vehicles, we're offering Electric Z clothing, caps, skateboards, and surfboards with our company logo.

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The ZeroKar 
Ever since the Model T Ford rolled off the assembly line on October 1st, 1908, America has had an unabashed love affair with the automobile. Through the years, this love affair has been steadfast and unrelenting. And although during the last century, the automobile has undergone a profusion of changes, both technological, and stylistic.  It's mainstay has always been the fossil fuel internal combustion engine. 
All that is about to change! The automotive industry is about to make the quantum leap into 21st century technology with the advent of the ambitious Electric Concept Vehicle (ECV), the ZeroKar. The ZeroKar is the most radical departure from any other vehicle ever devised of its genre, not only because it derives its primary source of power from its own electric motor (rather than a gasoline engine), but most importantly, the ZeroKar does so by operating uniquely by self-charging while it is being driven. There is no plugging this vehicle into an external power source in order to recharge.  One can drive it on a moment's notice. The ZeroKar can go from 0 mph to 60 mph in a very snappy 13.0 seconds and has a best recorded mpg at a  cool 131.3 mpg. A 5 gallon tank of gasoline would roughly drive 656.5 miles before needing to be re-fuelled.

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