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Electric Vehicles from Salem, Oregon

All The Vehicles Listed Here Are "Self Recharging" No Plug In Required!

Our Manufacturing Plants Will Be Located In The United States of America

The electric vehicles offered by ZeroKar of Salem, Oregon, and like nothing else on the market. They have the lowest carbon output in the world and are made right here in the U.S.A. Contact Us to find out more today.


A Better Value for Drivers

The Zero Kar has been in development since January 21, 2006.  Our system incorporates fundamentals not only meant to reduce the national carbon footprint, but to extend the life of our oil reserves and give drivers a better value.

Dealerships & Training

ZeroKar plans to develop full-service dealerships and training centers around the globe that offer sales, service, and parts for vehicles that use the BARP system. Training classes will be available every 90 days for students looking to work in this field to help develop the industry through jobs and education, creating more opportunity here and worldwide.

 Kar's are not available for sale, but will be soon.

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ZeroKar Cobra Venom

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