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About Our Staff......................

           ZeroKar LP.... "The Team"  Corporate Staff

 Michael S. Hargett, President
Inventor of BARP and founder of Zerokar

Inventor of BARP (Battery Alternating Recharging Process). A 32nd Degree Master Mason, Scottish Rite, York Rite, Knights Templar, Viet Nam Veteran with Honorable Discharge.

Peter V. Hargett, Vice President
New Technology Research

Reponsible for the technology installed in the ZeroKar. Presently attending Linn Benton Community College. His expertise and focus is in the BARP System, system development, product research, and resource for new technology.

Larry Dye


Born in Kansas, opened and owned the first electric vehicle Zap dealer on the west coast, also was instrumental in protocol for securing delivery of the first Li Ion batteries in USA. Military Service, Viet Nam Era Veteran with Honorable Discharge.

Lawrence Birch


17 Years in Electrical Industry, Electrical Systems Specialist, Proficient in 12 different Electrical Categories, 4 years classroom, 2 License in 2 States, Residential, Commercial and Industrial. PLC, Micro Processor, Design, Master Troubleshooter.

Natalia Borbenkova, ME


Graduated Moscow University.  Managed over 400 employee in ball bearing plant outside Moscow, Russia.

Dr. Timothy Jenkins, PhD


Tenured Physics Professor at the University of Oregon. On staff physics advisor.                

                     Jon O' Gurley, PE

Graduate of The University of Nevada 1987, 17 years with DOD U.S. Navy, Groom Lake, Nellis Air Force Base. Retired from Sun Micro Systems as Department Head Engineer.

Stephen Rosenstock


Native of Oregon Stephen holds numerous patents and is a contributor in many fields in energy and business in the state of Oregon.

Darlene Emerson


Native of Oregon with 27 years of experience in the legal field in California and Oregon.

Jon Newswanger


BA from George Fox Christian University with majors in History, Literature, and Foreign Languages.

Michael Elder, PE, Electrical Engineer


Michael's experience is in the systems and enginerring, and electrical engineering. His career as Professional Engineer spans work with national corporations. His specialty is micro processing, product research and development




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